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The first computer at Los Alamos, used to make the calculations for the first hydrogen bomb (“Mike”) Links http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MANIAC_I http://www.lanl.gov/history/story.php?story_id=82 http://www.computerhistory.org/revolution/supercomputers/10/28/46 http://www.computerhistory.org/collections/accession/102638077


Mathematical Applications Group, Inc Early computer graphics pioneer. Supported by military contracts for projects simulating equipment behavior. They created 15 of the 20 minutes of CGI in the move Tron, including the light cycles, tanks, and Recognizers. From ‘TRON,’ Revisited in VFX Pro, October 09, 2000 MAGI used a modeling system called Synthavision, which built […]

Project Rainbow

Project RAINBOW is the name of two separate alleged United States secret military projects in the 20th Century, both concerned with stealth and radar invisibility. At least one recent, anonymous, writer in the UFO/conspiracy underground has linked the two projects, though this is by no means considered a mainstream viewpoint. The near-mythical 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, […]

Ramon Lull

(1235 — June 29, 1315) aka: Ramon Llull, Raymond Lully, Raimundus or Raymundus Lullus Around 1275, Llull designed a method, which he first published in full in his Ars generalis ultima or Ars magna (1305), of combining attributes selected from a number of lists. It was intended as a debating tool for winning Muslims to […]

Ars Combinatoria

The combinatory work of The combinatory work of as described and further theorized by in his early text, De Arte Combinatoria of 1666. The main idea behind the text is that of an alphabet of human thought, which is attributed to Descartes. All concepts are nothing but combinations of a relatively small number of simple […]

Thomas Alva Edison

life size wax figure of Edison in private room in the top of Eiffel Tower – [flickr: mezzoblue] Inventor, Film Pirate, Sacrificial Priest from Edison’s notebooks, circa mid-1870s: A yellow oasis in hell= premeditated stupidity= A phrenological idol. The somber dream of the grey-eyed Corsican A Brain so small that an animalcule went to view […]

Strategic Defense Initiative

(SDI) aka: Star Wars Because these systems would be useless against any genuine human threat, some suspect that they are actually alien defense weapons. This theory makes about as much sense of as the theories espoused by other high-profile Star Wars supporters. Lyndon LaRouche may have helped influence the Regan administration to support SDI (New […]


A term suggested by CAiiA-STAR, as a replacement term for paranoia. Telenoia suggests a move away from anxiety and fear in the face of the increasing integration of corporate information technologies with the human body. Ascott instead advocates an attempt to create new artistic models for consciousness and social organization in a environment of surveillance […]


A hypothetical machine described by Dr. in his July 1945 article in the Atlantic Monthly, As We May Think. The memex would be able to link any piece of data to any other at will, thereby building trails of information in conformity with the of the User. Bush’s description of in the memex is considered […]

Norton Air Force Base

A decommissioned base located in San Bernardino. Now the San Bernardino International Airport. Former site of the Defense Audiovisual Agency (DAVA) established in June 1979 to provide centrally managed audiovisual support to the entire Department of Defense components. Disestablished on September 30, 1985. Links wikipedia: Norton Air Force Base AF Installations, Environment & Logistics, Legacy […]

Nellis Air Force Base

Located in Groom Dry Lake, Nevada aka: Area 51, Dreamland The base, part of the United States Air Force’s Air Combat Command, is located approximately eight miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. The total land area occupied by Nellis and its restricted ranges is about 5,000 square miles. Satellite image of the runways: Map of […]

associative indexing

The form of information organization most famously described by Vannevar Bush in his July 1945 essay “As We May Think,” as the storage method of his hypothetical device, the This description is often considered the first description of hypertext. Bush described associative indexing as the way the mind naturally works, making it a more efficient […]

Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment allegedly was a secret experiment conducted by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Yards at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on or before October 28, 1943, which went horribly awry. It is also called “Project Rainbow”. It involved the disappearance and/or teleportation of a navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge (DE-173). The only source […]

John Whiteside Parsons

aka: Jack Parsons born: Marvel Whiteside Parsons (b: Oct. 2, 1914 – d: 1952 ) Founder of Jet Propulsion Lab. Founder of AreoJet. Inventor of contemporary solid rockets. High priest of the Pasadena Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Author of Freedom Is a Two Edged Sword [ISBN 1561841161] Performed magick rituals with Lafayette […]

John Alexander

Spooky New Age death dude. Co-author with Richard Groller of The Warrior’s Edge (1990) In 1983, Neuro-Linguistic Programming course. On the advisory board for the National Institute for Discovery Science From 1966 through early 1969 he commanded Special Forces “A” Teams in Vietnam and Thailand. His last military assignment was as Director, Advanced Systems Concepts […]

Robert T Bigelow

A hotel entrepreneur with a keen interest in space flight. He made his fortune through the hotel chain Budget Suites of America and is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace. Founder of the National Institute for Discovery Science. Links Inflatable Spacecraft’s Other Goal: Space Walks For Tourists wayback machine: http://www.nidsci.org/bios/bigelow.php http://www.aliendave.com/UUFOH-TheRanch3.html


A 1974 science fiction film directed by John Boorman and starring Sean Connery in one of his first post-James Bond roles. Filmed on a small budget of US$1 million, Zardoz mixture of cerebral, philosophical sci-fi was in complete contrast to Boorman’s previous film, the brutal thriller Deliverance. In a future post-apocalypse Earth (2293) the human […]