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William Gibson

Author of the novel Neuromancer (1984) which coined the term cyberspace. This neologism — and the Neuromancer trilogy’s themes of a hidden universe driven by the suicidal evolution of godlike (insect-like?) beings — made Gibson unwitting posterchild/godfather of “cyberpunk”.

Postmodern Epistemology

The term postmodern epistemology is often used from a religious perspective to critique philosophies which don’t subscribe to the idea of a single universal Truth. The return critique is that a belief in a single Truth is usually a result of willful blindness which ignores the complexity of reality in favor of the warm comfort […]


Produced by Disney’s Buenavista Pictures in 1981, Tron was the first feature film to use extensive computer generated (CG) animation. It’s plot is a gnostic allegory of the structure of the universe, and a parable on the perversity of postmodern epistemology in a networked information environment. An early scene in the video game arcade: Flynn: […]

Manly P Hall

Manly Palmer Hall Prolific occult author Founder of the Philosophical Research Society Raised as a Mason on November 22, 1954 (Jewel Lodge No. 374) Links http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/biography/esoterica/hall-m-p/hall-m-p.html

Keys of Enoch

Carol S. Matthews: In 1973, maverick linguist, alleged CIA consultant, occultist and nouveau Egyptologist, J.J. Hurtak, according to his account, had been “lifted up” in a body of light into a region of stars called Merak and Muscida by the Master Ophanim Enoch. Enoch, answering a prayerful plea from Hurtak, had come to deliver a […]


Occasionalism is a philosophical theory about causation which says that neither matter nor mind can be a true cause of events. Instead, all events are taken to be caused by God. The theory states that the constant conjunction between causes and effects only occurs because in every instance where the cause is present, God wills […]

Operating Thetan Level III

aka: OT III from Scientology Below is the first page of the OT III course — a handwritten note by L Ron Hubbard — describing the history of Earth. Scientologists must spend years and pay thousands of dollars to reach the point where they are allowed to see the OT III texts. They believe that […]

Order of Melchizedek

Offices of the Latter-day Saint Melchizedek priesthood If an adult man joins the Church, he may be called and ordained to hold the lesser Aaronic Priesthood (if he is morally worthy) by those in the Church with authority to do so. After a period of time (usually one year) the man may be called and […]


aka: Meter, Electrometer from Scientology An ohmmeter which measures galvanometric skin response (essentially a cheap lie detector). It is used in Scientology auditing to locate overts, body thetans, and . Through this process of auditing, one can becomeclear.


Moroni was the name of a half-naked angel who made a triple appearance in Joseph Smith’s bedroom one night. Moroni’s visit eventually lead to the foundation of the Church of Latter-Day Saints), a group popularly known as the Mormons. Although it probably has nothing to do with the time Jesus Christ spent in upstate New […]

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

(b. March 13, 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska — d.January 24, 1986 in Creston, California) Pulp science fiction author Navy lieutenant (repeatedly deemed unfit for command) Crowleyan adept in the OTO Bigamist, with Sara Northrup (former girlfriend of Jack Parsons Convicted felon (sentenced for fraud in France) Chronic sufferer of arthritis, bursitis, and conjunctivitis Founder of […]


A religion founded by L Ron Hubbard who based it partially on Aleister Crowley’s philosophy and imagery. According to L Ron Hubbard Jr, his father said that Scientology actually began on December 1st, 1947 — the day Aleister Crowley died. Rose Cross of the Golden Dawn and the Scientology Cross: According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica: […]


Rael was once a French Journalist named Claude Vorilhon, who was contacted by “Elohim” and became the leader of the Raelian sect. The Raelians claim to be in extraterrestrial contact, and are preparing for the return of the aliens to Earth by building an embassy. From the Raelian website: On the 13th of December 1973, […]

Hiram Erasmus Butler

Founder of the American branch of the Order of Melchizedek. In 1889, he moved to California and created a mystical center on 260 acres overlooking the American River near Applegate in Placer County. He died in 1916. (Messengers of Deception, 127) Links wiki: Melchizedek priesthood (Latter Day Saints)