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Thomas Alva Edison

life size wax figure of Edison in private room in the top of Eiffel Tower – [flickr: mezzoblue] Inventor, Film Pirate, Sacrificial Priest from Edison’s notebooks, circa mid-1870s: A yellow oasis in hell= premeditated stupidity= A phrenological idol. The somber dream of the grey-eyed Corsican A Brain so small that an animalcule went to view […]

Bob Lazar

Robert Scott Lazar aka: Dennis (the name of John-Lear’s insider informant) Lazar attended high school in Long Island. His parents moved to the San Fernando Valley in the mid-70s, and he may have attended Los Angeles Pierce College and Cal State Northridge. Details of his degrees from a correspondence school (physics and electronics, with a […]

Aleister Crowley

aka: Master Therion, Frater Perdurabo, The Beast 666 The most renowned occult figure of the 20th century. Served as an intelligence operative for Great Britan — his Intelligence Service file is said to have read Use only with the most extreame caution.”(Messengers, 153, 192) Links wikipedia: Aleister Crowley http://www.hermetic.com/crowley/index.html

Grady McMurty

(October 18, 1918-July 12, 1985) A student of Ordo Templi Orientis, which he headed from 1971 until his death in 1985. Or which he was expelled from and formed an illegitimate splinter group based upon. Depends who you ask. Associate of parsons john whiteside Links Grady-McMurtry http://www.castletower.org/grady.html http://www.thelema-oto.org/93/Grady-McMurtry

Morris Jessup

Morris Ketchum Jessup (March 20, 1900 – April 29, 1959) Astronomer and author. Author of The Case for UFOs (1955). Morris K. Jessup came to believe an elaborate UFO conspiracy involving two races of aliens: the LMs who were friendly to earthlings and the SMs who were hostile. (Compare to Dero and Tero). Jessup was […]

James Shelby Downard

Mythopoetic political historian Author of: KING-KILL/33° – Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Video by James Copp: http://www.archive.org/details/AndyCoppKINGKILL33 Links http://feralhouse.com/fh-blog/archives/2007/01/rule-of-the-cry.php http://www.revisionisthistory.org/kingkill33.html http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/king-kill-33.htm

Robert J Friend

aka: Colonel Friend Air Force Major. One-time head of Project Blue Book. Alleged co-author with of the alleged Report 13 which Bill Moore and Bill English claimed to have seen.

William Gibson

Author of the novel Neuromancer (1984) which coined the term cyberspace. This neologism — and the Neuromancer trilogy’s themes of a hidden universe driven by the suicidal evolution of godlike (insect-like?) beings — made Gibson unwitting posterchild/godfather of “cyberpunk”.

Timothy Leary

60s icon, jail-breaker, exile Popularizer of LSD Possible CIA agent Famous catchphrase: ‘Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.’ Links http://www.markriebling.com/leary.html http://www.etherzone.com/2005/mako050205.shtml http://www.levity.com/aciddreams/dox.html

Robert Anton Wilson

Feminist-fearing, libertarian extropian, meta-conspiracist Wilson has authored over 26 books (poet, essayist, novelist), was Associate Editor of Playboy magazine from 1966-1971, and co-edited the futurist journal Trajectories with his wife Arlen. A frequent lecturer at Esalen and other New Age venues, stand-up comedian. Wilson is perhaps the best-known pan-conspiracist in the world. He emphasizes fictionality, […]

Truman Bethurum

(August 21, 1898 – May 21, 1969) One of the classic 1950s contactees, who claimed to have spoken with humanoid space aliens and entered or ridden on their flying saucers. He seemed directly inspired by his immediate forerunner, George Adamski. The business card he gave Long John Nebel described himself in the following way: Construction […]

James E Lipp

Working for the Rand Corporation, James Lipp wrote one of two scientific overviews for the final report on Project Sign (later called Project Grudge and Project Blue Book), which was completed in February 1949 and classified Secret. “This may have been the first U.S. government sponsored study of non-human life in the universe,” writes skeptic […]

Wernher von Braun

Nazi rocket scientist. Correspondent of Jack Parsons Invented the V1 and V2 rockets which were used against London during World War II. The V2 was the world’s first ballistic missle. After the war, he was brought to America to work on the space program. Instrumental in developing the Saturn V booster rocket that would eventually […]

Stanton Friedman

Stanton T Friedman associated with MJ-12 A dual citizen of the USA and Canada Nuclear physicist, with very high level government security clearances. Received BSc and MSc degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, […]

Vannevar Bush

(The resemblance to Bob Dobbs is not accidental…) (b: March 11, 1890 – d: 1974) Freemason: Worshipful Master – Richard C. Maclaurin Lodge (Cambridge, Massachusetts) Associated with Majestic 12 Leader of all scientific defense research throughout WWII. Crafter of the modern Military-Industrial Complex. He served as dean of the school of engineering at Massachusetts Institute […]

Manly P Hall

Manly Palmer Hall Prolific occult author Founder of the Philosophical Research Society Raised as a Mason on November 22, 1954 (Jewel Lodge No. 374) Links http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/biography/esoterica/hall-m-p/hall-m-p.html

Jim Hurtak

aka: James J Hurtak, JJ Hurtak Founder and President of The Academy for Future Science. Egyptologist who helped find the “Osiris Tomb” in Egypt through remote sensing. Described star shafts”in the Great Pyramid. Claims to be the first to have predicted pyramidal landforms on Mars. Alleged CIA consultant Channeler/author of the Keys of Enoch Links […]