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aka: MK-ULTRA, Project MKULTRA CIA mind control program of the 50’s and 60’s. One of its most spectacular aspects (as revealed in Congressional testimony) were the lurid Federally-funded brothel/laboratories in San Francisco and New York. CIA-backed prostitutes would lure random men from bars and surreptitiously dose them with LSD, all under the watchful eye of […]


In Greek, παράνοια the root words are para (outside, beside) and nous = (mind) Clinically, this could imply any set of delusional beliefs. Poetically, it suggests a “mind beside itself.” It was used in this sense by Salvador Dali when he described his creative process as the Paranoiac Critical Method. An “outside mind” is also […]


An acausal connecting principle. Described by Carl Jung as “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” A “meaningful coincidence” that cannot be explained by direct causality. It differs from coincidence in that synchronicity implies not just happenstance, but an underlying pattern or dynamic that is being expressed through meaningful relationships or events. see also: associative indexing […]

associative indexing

The form of information organization most famously described by Vannevar Bush in his July 1945 essay “As We May Think,” as the storage method of his hypothetical device, the This description is often considered the first description of hypertext. Bush described associative indexing as the way the mind naturally works, making it a more efficient […]


Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. The term was coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad, who defined it as the unmotivated seeing of connections accompanied by a specific experience of an “abnormal meaningfulness.” Conrad originally described this phenomenon in relation to the distortion of reality present in […]

April 20

570 – Muhammad born 1889 – Adolf Hitler born 1893 – Joan Miró born 1912 – Bram Stoker dies 1953 – MKULTRA 1970 – Earth Day 1979 – President Jimmy Carter is attacked by a Swamp Rabbit 1985 – ATF raid on The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord compound 1992 – […]


Thelema means “will” in Greek. It’s the principle behind the magick systems of Aleister Crowley Book of Law, Chapter 1, Verse 40: 40. Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong, if he look but close into the word. For there are therein Three Grades, the Hermit, and the Lover, and the man of Earth. […]

National Institute for Discovery Science

The National Institute for Discovery Science was founded by Bigelow Robert as a way to channel funds into the proper scientific study of paranormal phenomena. They were very interested in cattle mutilation and for a while they were the FAA’s sole recipient for black triangle reports. Most famously they bought Skinwalker Ranch”in Utah 1996. Rumors […]

Douglas Eugenio

On October 12, 1963, just before dawn it was raining hard between the villages of Monte Maiz and Isla Verde in Argentina. Douglas was driving his truck with a load of coal when a bright light like headlights bore down on him. The light became so bright, he had to pull off the road and […]

Postmodern Epistemology

The term postmodern epistemology is often used from a religious perspective to critique philosophies which don’t subscribe to the idea of a single universal Truth. The return critique is that a belief in a single Truth is usually a result of willful blindness which ignores the complexity of reality in favor of the warm comfort […]

Paranoiac-Critical Method

A surrealist creative method described by Salvador Dali in the 1930s. Paranoiac-critical activity organizes and objectivizes in an exclusivist manner the limitless and unknown possibilities of the systematic association of subjective and objective ‘significance’ in the irrational… spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectivity of the associations and interpretations of […]

National Security Agency

Founded November 4, 1952. Budget-wise, the NSA is the largest single American government agency, though the exact budget itself is classified. NSA security awareness poster: Links wiki: National_Security_Agency wiki: NSA_warrantless_surveillance_controversy EFF: How the NSA’s Domestic Spying Program Works NSA Security Awareness Posters NSA: Print and Construct Your Own Cipher Disk


From the Jorge Luis Borges story, Tlon, Uqbar, Orbus Tertius…. Tlön is a false world which becomes real through the operation of a mysterious conspiratorial group of false-history creators. The contact and the habit of Tlön have disintegrated this world. Enchanted by its rigor, humanity forgets over and again that it is a rigor of […]


aka: The Dog Star. The brightest star in the sky, so it gets a lot of attention. The name “Sirius” is derived from the Ancient Greek: Σείριος Seirios (“glowing” or “scorcher”). Sirius is also known colloquially as the “Dog Star”, reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (Greater Dog). The heliacal rising of Sirius […]

Thomas F Mantell

On 7 January 1948, 25 year old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, died while in pursuit of an unidentified flying object near Fort Knox. The so-called Mantell Incident is among the most publicised and infamous UFO reports of the early modern era. The Air Force’s J Allen Hynek suggested he had […]

Joe Simonton

A chicken farmer who lived alone in the vicinity of Eagle River, Wisconsin. He was about sixty years old when a flying saucer landed in his front yard. On April 18, 1961 at about 11AM, he heard a noise outside his house like “knobby tires on wet pavement.” Outside was a silvery object the shape […]

Plan 9 from Outer Space

aka: Graverobbers From Outer Space, Revenge of the Dead Joanna Lee as Tanna and Dudley Manlove as Eros Repeatedly voted by critics as the worst movie ever made and usually digested with choruses of derisive laughter, the magnum opus of director Ed Wood contains far too much truth for most people to comfortably face. Plan […]