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Advanced Organization of Los Angeles

(AOLA) from Scientology Located on the corner of Fountain Ave and L. Ron Hubbard Way, this is one of five advanced Scientology training centers in the world. Links http://www.scientologi.ch/world/worldeng/global/orghtml/aola.htm http://www.freedommag.org/english/LA/issue02/page01b.htm

Argenteum Astrum

aka: A∴A∴ Occult organization founded by Aleister Crowley as an organization beyond the highest ranks of the OTO According to Kenneth Grant: “The one place in Crowley’s writings where he gives the meaning of the initials A∴A∴ is in his magical record (Cefalu, 1921) where it appears as ACTHP APLOC. This is a corrupt Graeco-Coptic […]


full name: Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles the Mystic Shrine for North America J Edgar Hoover – Shriner Until 2000, members had to be of the Scottish Rite’s 32nd degree or Knights Templar of the York Rite. Now members must only be Master Masons. The Shriners focus on fun, with the motto: Pleasure without […]