June (21): Maury Island Incident July: Roswell Incident July 26: National Security Act of 1947 signed by CIA established September 9, 1947 — First computer bug found in relay 70, panel F of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator December 1 — Aleister Crowley died December 30 — Project Sign founded to officially investigate UFOs

The Yellow Book

The Yellow Book is reported to be a physical record of the communications from an extraterrestrial, who was recovered from a downed UFO and kept in custody by MJ-12, before he died several years later. This extraterrestrial was called EBE-1. A second extraterrestrial is reported to be currently in custody under MJ-12, and she is […]


Last Supper

An anti-Catholic painting by renowned heretic Leonardo da Vinci. The imagery de-emphasizes the the bread and wine, while strongly emphasizing the role of Mary in the Christian religion. Mary (?) also is literally holding a knife to Saint Peter, founder of the Roman Church. “Cripes!” says Peter with his hands up. “Da dame’s got a […]


Athanasius Kirchner

(May 2, 1602 — November, 28 1680) Scientific superstar. 17th century German Jesuit scholar who published around 40 works, most notably in the fields of oriental studies, geology and medicine. He made an early study of Egyptian hieroglyphs. One of the first people to observe microbes through a microscope, he was thus ahead of his […]


Gottfried Leibniz

The once was a man named Leibniz Who was often prone to throw fits With hair like a cloud He shouted quite loud Till everyone was out of their wits MONAD!!! References wiki: Gottfried Leibniz


April 20

570 – Muhammad born 1889 – Adolf Hitler born 1893 – Joan Miró born 1912 – Bram Stoker dies 1953 – MKULTRA 1970 – Earth Day 1979 – President Carter attacked by Rabbit 1985 – ATF raid on The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord compound 1992 – Benny Hill dies 1999 […]


James Shelby Downard

Mythopoetic political historian Author of: KING-KILL/33° – Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Video by James Copp: http://www.archive.org/details/AndyCoppKINGKILL33 References http://feralhouse.com/fh-blog/archives/2007/01/rule-of-the-cry.php http://www.revisionisthistory.org/kingkill33.html http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/king-kill-33.htm


Book of the Law

Full title: Liber AL vel Legis, sub figura CCXX, as delivered by XCIII=418 to DCLXVI The central sacred text of Thelema, dictated to Aleister Crowley in Cairo in 1904 by an entity he called “Aiwass.”


Operating Thetan Level III

aka: OT III from Scientology Below is the first page of the OT III course — a handwritten note by L Ron Hubbard — describing the history of Earth. Scientologists must spend years and pay thousands of dollars to reach the point where they are allowed to see the OT III texts. They believe that […]


Albert Pike

(December 29, 1809–April 2, 1891) American attorney, Confederate officer, and Freemason. The only Confederate military officer or figure honored with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C. When the Mexican-American War started, Pike joined the cavalry and was commissioned as a troop commander, serving in the Battle of Buena Vista. He and his commander, John Selden […]