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Jacques Bergier

(Odessa, August 8, 1912 – November 23, 1978, Paris) born: Yakov Mikhailovich Berger Co-author of Le Matin des Magiciens which was published in France in 1960. Neo-surrealistic modern European history focusing on the occult and secret societies on politics. And also connects alchemy with nuclear physics. Translated into English by Rollo May in 1963 under […]


Sauvegarde Conservation des Etudes et Archives Ufologiques French for Preservation and Conservation of Ufological Studies and Archives. Founded in February 1990. Links SCEAU Archives Euro UFO: SCEAU http://www.afu.info/recdons02.htm

Jacques F Vallée

(b: 1939 – ) French computer scientist and UFO researcher. Masters in astrophysics, Ph.D. in computer science. Served as Manager of Information Systems at Stanford University. The French scientist in the movie Close Encounters is based on him. His books on UFOs include: Anatomy of a Phenomenon (1965), Challenge to Science (1966), Passport to Magonia […]


Mysterious organization claiming to present the knowledge of an alien civilization in letters to prominent scientists and researchers. Their symbol appeared in strange places and looks something like the alchemical symbol for Uranus. According to Ummite DEI 98, son of DEI 97: “It is our wish to inform the planet Earth of our origin and […]


According to Jean-Pierre Prevost (while in a hypnotic trance) this is the name of an entity which contacted Prevost in a suburb of Paris, France in November, 1979. Prevost was told that he would be a Noah-figure by spreading the word about extraterrestrials, and that “those who will have helped them get the message out […]