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Aleister Crowley

aka: Master Therion, Frater Perdurabo, The Beast 666 The most renowned occult figure of the 20th century. Served as an intelligence operative for Great Britan — his Intelligence Service file is said to have read Use only with the most extreame caution.”(Messengers, 153, 192) Links wikipedia: Aleister Crowley http://www.hermetic.com/crowley/index.html

John Dee

(b.1527 – d.1608) Renaissance scholar, alchemist, magician, spy. With shewstone which John Dee and Kelly used to contact angelic beings is in the British Museum.(Carter, 109-115). Comparisons have been made between the relationship of John Dee and Edward Kelly to the relationship of John Parsons and L Ron Hubbard Links twisted tree: John Dee