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Donald Menzel

Donald Howard Menzel (April 11, 1901 — December 14, 1976) Astronomer. President of the American Astronomical Society (1954-56) Renowned, though incompetent, UFO debunker. In his three anti-UFO books, he argued that all unidentified objects were simply misidentified natural phenomena. A consultant for the National Security Agency Listed as a member in the disinformation performance art […]

Bob Barry

Director of the Twentieth Century UFO Bureau, headquartered in Collingswood, NJ. According to Jaques Vallee the Bureau is on of the groups that compose the fundamentalist religious organization headed by the Reverend Carl McIntire. Barry stated in June 1978 that he had three excellent sources, one in government, the others retired from highly sensitive position, […]

David Icke

Former professional football (soccer) player sports reporter spokesperson for the British Green Party reptiod focused hyper-conspiratologist, Icke is one of the foremost marketers of Jewish banker space lizard disinformation spam. See Also: James Casbolt Bill Moore Links Will Offley: David Icke And The Politics Of Madness Jim Keith: Review of The Biggest Secret: The Book […]