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James Casbolt

drug mule conspiracy theorist disinformation agent Casbolt believes that alien-human reptoid hybrids are living in underground bases and drinking the blood of innocent children. He believes that British intelligence runs all the other governments of the world, along with the global drug trade. He believes the London train bombings in 2004 were fake and the […]

Carlos Allende

aka: Carl M. Allen, Carl Meredith Allen, Carlos Miguel Allende Disinformation agent. Described as a highly intelligent but nonetheless mentally ill itinerant. Claimed to be a witness to the so-called Philadelphia Experiment. Correspondent of Morris Jessup, writing to him about the horrible experiment, and suggesting that UFOs were using the same forces. Eventually, Jessup dismissed […]

Bill Moore

William L Moore Well-known UFOlogist, especially prominent in the 1980’s. Bears resemblance to a bearded Fox Mulder. He co-authored several books with Charles Berlitz, including The Roswell Incident — the first book written about the alleged Roswell UFO crash/retrieval Bill Moore was a central figure in the release of the controversial Majestic 12 documents. He […]

The Aviary

UFO performance art disinformation campaign. Credited to William Moore Alleged members: BLUE JAY: Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green, MD, Ph.D; Chief, Biomedical Sciences Department, General Motors, former head of the CIA’s UFO files at the Weird Desk. PELICAN: Ron Pandolfi, CIA Deputy Director for the Division of Science and Technology and current custodian of UFO files […]

Bruce Maccabee

Prominent UFO researcher. Probable disinformation agent. Has been active with the Fund for UFO Research. PhD in Physics. He is an accomplished pianist who performed at the 1997 and 1999 MUFON symposia. Links wikipedia: Bruce Maccabee Personal Website – http://brumac.8k.com/

Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr (b: Sep 8, 1922 – ) Ultraconservative, homophobic, anti-semitic, neo-fascist, loon. Convicted felon (mail fraud, tax-evasion, conspiracy) Former member of the Communist Party. For several decades, he has run for President as a self-proclaimed Democrat, including his 1996 run from prison. (He did not win) He has espoused an array of […]

Bob Lazar

Robert Scott Lazar aka: Dennis (the name of John-Lear’s insider informant) Lazar attended high school in Long Island. His parents moved to the San Fernando Valley in the mid-70s, and he may have attended Los Angeles Pierce College and Cal State Northridge. Details of his degrees from a correspondence school (physics and electronics, with a […]


From the Jorge Luis Borges story, Tlon, Uqbar, Orbus Tertius…. Tlön is a false world which becomes real through the operation of a mysterious conspiratorial group of false-history creators. The contact and the habit of Tlön have disintegrated this world. Enchanted by its rigor, humanity forgets over and again that it is a rigor of […]

Gerald Posner

Lawyer, Conspiracy Patsy, Disgraced Former Journalist, Man About Town Capitalizing on the thirtieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination, Gerald Posner published Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK (1993). He asserted that any evidence which pointed away from Oswald as the proverbial lone gunman — which is arguably most of the evidence — […]

London Controlling Section

Part of a disinformation group set up during World War II, code-named the “Martians”. The LCS was set up in Churchill’s personal headquarters and was skilled in “Special Means” weaponry. The chief of the LCS was Colonel John Bevan, who had the title “Controller of Deception.” Other members included Wing Commander Dennis Wheatley of the […]

Alphacom Team

Dr (?) Michael Wolf claimed that MJ-12 appointed him manager of Alphacom Team, who had the objective of resuming negotiations with the visiting extraterrestrials. Other objectives of Alphacom Team were: to determine whether we can use the ETs’ technology to restore this planet to its former pristine state of natural balance.” to determine the number […]

Project Sign

Project Sign personnel in the T-2 Conference Room at Wright-Patterson AFB (1948). Personnel from the left around the table: Lt. Col. Malcolm Seashore, chief of the Material Command Intelligence Technical Analysis (MCIAT) Unidentifiable person blocked by Seashore Lt. Col. J.J. Hausman Col. Howard McCoy, director of Air Material Command T-2 Intelligence Division Believed to be […]

Sun Myung Moon

Leader of the Reunification Church (“Moonies”) Owner of the right-wing propaganda mouthpiece, the Washington Times. On March 23, 2004, in the Dirksen Senate Office Building of the United States Senate, Moon was coroneted and declared the Messiah. Links http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon_Coronation http://www.freedomofmind.com/resourcecenter/groups/m/moonies/

Meade Layne

(September 8, 1882 – May 12, 1961)  Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in Vista, California. An early researcher of ufology and parapsychology, best known for proposing an early version of the interdimensional hypothesis to explain flying saucer sightings. Prior to his public work studying ufos, Layne was professor at the University of Southern California, […]

Robert S Carr

Robert Spencer Carr (March 26, 1909 – April 28, 1994) Director of Educational Research, Walt Disney Studios Lecturer In Mass Communication, University of South Florida Science fiction author First reporter of the Aztec New Mexico UFO Crash on February 13 1948. According to Jaques Vallee, Carr was a lecturer in mass communication at the University […]

Civilian Saucer Investigations – Los Angeles

CSI-LA A UFO study group in California, active from around 1952 – 1954 LIFE Magazine – April 7, 1952: “Civilian Saucer Investigations” was organized by Sighter Ed J. Sullivan (standing), who urges other sighters to write to P.O. Box 1971, Main Post Office, Los Angeles. CSI includes Dr. Walter Riedel (behind Sullivan), who was chief […]

Paul Bennewitz

According to Jacques Vallee, Paul Bennewitz was “a respected physicist who managed a small electronics company close to Kirtland Air Force Base. Hypnotized by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Bennewitz began relating increasingly extreme experiences of abductees and aliens. His “memories” included seeing body parts floating in vats of amniotic fluid in secret laboratories beneath , Dulce, […]