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Daniel W Fry

One of the first modern contactees. Author of The White Sands Incident. On July 4, 1950, Fry was working at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico as an employee of the AeroJet Corperation. In the evening he took a walk into the desert, and at one point though he saw the stars disappearing. […]

Orfeo M Angelucci

Long John Nebel’s favorite UFO contactee: “As far as I’m concerned, although I don’t buy any of these bits, this man’s was, and is, the most imaginative, the most beautiful, and the most fascinating of them all.” (Way Out World, p37). Angelucci’s first experience with a UFO was August of 1946 in New Jersey. He […]

Whitley Strieber

Horror novelist and screenplay writer, notably of The Howling and The Hunger which both describe mysterious, monstrous races living alongside humanity. Also author of the autobiographical Communion (1987), which made him one of the most prominent and influential figures in alien contact and abduction phenomena. Author of post-Communion sequels Transformations (1988), and The Secret School […]


A group founded by Rael (aka: Claude Vorilhon) in 1973 in France. The symbol of the Raelian organization was a swastika inside a star of David. Now it’s a swirly snowflake inside a Star of David (see Valencia) Clonaid — a company founded by the Raelians in 1997 — claimed that a cloned baby girl […]

Paul of Tarsus

aka: St. Paul, Saul On a dark desert highway, cool wind in his hair, the warm smell of colitas rising up through the air, Saul, persecutor of Christians, was making his way towards Damascus. But up ahead in the distance he saw a shimmering light. Saul’s head grew heavy, and his sight grew dim. He […]

Betty and Barney Hill

On September 19, 1961 in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire, the Hills saw an object that looked like a star getting closer. Looking at the object through binoculars, Barney saw humanoids looking at them through the windows of a disk-shaped craft. Frightened, they got in their car and drove away, and a few […]


The planet which Truman Bethurum claimed his alien visitors came from. Clarion is apparently hidden from the Earth on the opposite side of the sun. (Messengers of Deception, 39) Links wiki: Counter-Earth wiki: B-52s – Planet_Claire wiki: Nemesis_(hypothetical_star)

Jodi Dean

Author of the book Aliens in America (Cornell, 1999) which describes alien mythologies and the experience of abductees and contactees in contemporary America. Dean relates their experience to a rising sense of disjuncture and helpless confusion tied to the increasing integration of information technologies into society. The New York Review of Books reviewed Aliens in […]


In Genesis 6:4 there’s a description of giants born from the intercourse of angelic beings and Earthly women; similar activity between heavenly beings and earthly people is still described today. The angel appeared to in his bedroom one night, resulting in the foundation of the Mormon religion. Some humans such as have suggested that they […]

Edward Kelley

aka: Edward Kelly, Edward Talbot 16th century alchemist. Called The Crop-Eared Wizard because he’d had his ears cropped for earlier sorcery. Kelley used John Dee as his seer. Kelley’s “angels” sometimes communicated in a special “angelic” or Enochian language. Dee and Kelley claimed the language was given to them by angels. Some have remarked on […]

Alvin H Lawson

Professor of English at Cal State Long Beach. Performed an experiment with a clinical hypnotist upon eight subjects selected on the basis of having no UFO knowledge or experiences. Under hypnotic regression, the “imaginary abductees” provided a coherent abduction narrative which closely resembled classic abduction cases. This correlation went from larger factors such as saucer […]

Antonio Villas-Boas

A Brazilian farmer who had one of the most infamous and controversial alien contactee experiences. At about 11pm on October 5, 1957, Antonio and his brother were going to bed and saw a light like the beam of a searchlight in their horse coral which swept over their roof before disappearing. On October 14 at […]


Unearthly entity first contacted by (or contactor of) Aleister Crowley in Cairo, 1901 who dictated the Book of the Law to him. From The Equinox of the Gods: I went into the “temple” a minute early, so as to shut the door and sit down on the stroke of Noon. On my table were my […]


According to Jean-Pierre Prevost (while in a hypnotic trance) this is the name of an entity which contacted Prevost in a suburb of Paris, France in November, 1979. Prevost was told that he would be a Noah-figure by spreading the word about extraterrestrials, and that “those who will have helped them get the message out […]

David Icke

Former professional football (soccer) player sports reporter spokesperson for the British Green Party reptiod focused hyper-conspiratologist, Icke is one of the foremost marketers of Jewish banker space lizard disinformation spam. See Also: James Casbolt Bill Moore Links Will Offley: David Icke And The Politics Of Madness Jim Keith: Review of The Biggest Secret: The Book […]