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Mary Magdalene

Gnostic high-priestess See also: priory of sion Links wikipedia: Mary Magdalene http://www.religion-online.org/showarticle.asp?title=1149 http://www.webcom.com/gnosis/library/marygosp.htm http://reluctant-messenger.com/gospel-magdalene.htm

Leonardo da Vinci

Artist, scientist, alchemist, anatomist, sacreligious pervert, arms dealer, naughty boy. The over-hyped version of Athanasius Kirchner Alleged Grand Master of the Priory of Sion Alleged to have created the shroud of turin using photochemicals, a camera obscura, and a beaten corpse. In his painting of The Last Supper, Mary Magdalene’s seven foot long arm is […]

Priory of Sion

aka: Priory of Zion A secret organization spanning centuries, or perhaps millennia, who consider themselves guardians of the Holy Grail, or the Holy Blood. Or something. The Priory is aassociated with the alleged progeney of Mary Magdalene. The Priory’s list of grand masters are known by the old French title Nautononnier, meaning “navigator”or “helmsman.” The […]

The DaVinci Code

Pulp thriller by Dan Brown which has elevated several conspiracy theories to the status of massive pop culure memes, including the Priory of Sion. Links http://danbrown.com/secrets/bizarre-facts/davinci-code.html corporate movie site (flash)– http://flash.sonypictures.com/movies/davincicodequest/us/index.html

Propaganda Due

Italian Masonic Vatican fascist masonic conspiracy, involved in a plot to overthrow the Italian government. It’s kind of complicated… Some people involved: Licio Gelli (” the puppetmaster”) Venerable Master of Propaganda Due Michele Sindona – Pope Paul VI’s banker and confident. Banker for the Mafia Roberto Calvi (“God’s Banker”) – found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge […]


In Genesis 6:4 there’s a description of giants born from the intercourse of angelic beings and Earthly women; similar activity between heavenly beings and earthly people is still described today. The angel appeared to in his bedroom one night, resulting in the foundation of the Mormon religion. Some humans such as have suggested that they […]

Jesus Christ

(circa 20 BCE – 30 CE) aka: Yeshua Ben Yosef, Lamb of God, The Alien God Rabble-rousing leader of a minor Jewish sect in Roman occupied Palestine. Central figure of all Christian churches. Commonly thought to have been executed by crucifixion by the colonial Roman government, and in the Christian faith, resurrected after three days. […]