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Thomas Alva Edison

life size wax figure of Edison in private room in the top of Eiffel Tower – [flickr: mezzoblue] Inventor, Film Pirate, Sacrificial Priest from Edison’s notebooks, circa mid-1870s: A yellow oasis in hell= premeditated stupidity= A phrenological idol. The somber dream of the grey-eyed Corsican A Brain so small that an animalcule went to view […]

Battle of Los Angeles

During the night and morning of February 24-25 1942, things were seen flying over southern California and a citywide blackout was declaired from the Mexican border to the San Joaquin Valley. A yellow alert lasted from about 7:18 pm and was called off at 10:23 pm. A blackout was called at 2:25am until 7:21am. Some […]

Nikola Tesla

Born at midnight on July 9, 1856, in the village of Smiljan, in the province of Lika, Croatia which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Died on January 7, 1943 in New York City. Thomas Edison sacrificed an elephant in Tesla’s honor.


Unexplained phenomena circa 1966-1967 in West Virginia and Ohio The Mothman Prophecies (1976) by John Keel movie (2002) starring Richard Gere Involves the , a national security complex dating from WWII Deaths include an innocent German Shepard (Bandit) and, according to some, the 46 deaths in the collapse of the Silver Bridge on Dec 5 […]