Charles Lindberg

Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr.

(February 4, 1902 — August 26, 1974)

aka: Lucky Lindy, The Lone Eagle

Pioneering aviator

Strongly opposed to America entering World War II.

Considered by some to be a Nazi sympathizer, FDR banned him from joining the military. (in 1954. Dwight D. Eisenhower restored Lindbergh’s assignment with the Army Air Corps and made him a Brigadier General).

In 1929, Lindbergh became interested in the work of U.S. rocket pioneer . The following year, Lindbergh helped Goddard secure his first endowment from Daniel Guggenheim, which allowed Goddard to expand his independent research and development. Lindbergh remained a key supporter and advocate of Goddard’s work throughout his life.

In 1938, Lindbergh and French surgeon Dr. Alexis Carrel collaborated on a book, The Culture of Organs, which summarized their work on organs outside the body. Lindbergh and Carrel discussed an artificial heart decades before one was actually built.


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