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Göteborgs Informationscenter för Oidentifierade Flygande Föremål Swedish UFO research group, disbanded in 1978. Their archives were transfered to the Archives for UFO Research (AFU) Links Archives For the Unexplained Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige – ufoorganisationer UFO – en kort historik


The Robertson Panel

The CIA’s first official interest in UFO’s, a change of attitute provoked in part by the Robertson Report. Members of the Panel were: Dr. H.P. Robertson, head of the Panel Dr. Samuel A Goudsmit Dr. Lloyd V Berkner Dr. Luis Alvarez Dr. Thorton L Page Associate members: Dr. J Allen Hynek Frederick C Durant III, […]


California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology aka: CalTech Based in Pasadena. Parent organization of the Jet Propulsion Labratory (JPL) which was co-founded by Crowleyan magician Jack (John) Parsons. A vast tunnel complex lies beneath the campus buildings….


Ordo Templi Orientis

Also: Order of the Golden Dawn (disputed) Occult organization made famous by Aleister Crowley. It’s implied that their system of secret ritual was designed around contact with non-human intelligences. Links


Advanced Organization of Los Angeles

AOLA from Scientology 1306 L Ron Hubbard Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027 Located on the corner of Fountain Ave and L. Ron Hubbard Way, this is one of five advanced Scientology training centers in the world. Links Scientology: ADVANCED ORGANIZATION LOS ANGELES TMR: The Man Who Got Me Out of Scientology


Knights Templar

The Templars are often portrayed as villains, misguided zealots, representatives of an evil secret society hiding a treasure. This is a frame job. Links wiki: Knights-Templar