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An entity channeled by George Van Tassel as described in I Rode in a Flying Saucer (1953). A particularly revealing transmission by Ashtar occurred on March 20, 1953: I am authorized to inform you, we are in constant communication with our people we have in your national capitol. You will be hearing of an increase […]


Unearthly entity first contacted by (or contactor of) Aleister Crowley in Cairo, 1901 who dictated the Book of the Law to him. From The Equinox of the Gods: I went into the “temple” a minute early, so as to shut the door and sit down on the stroke of Noon. On my table were my […]


According to Jean-Pierre Prevost (while in a hypnotic trance) this is the name of an entity which contacted Prevost in a suburb of Paris, France in November, 1979. Prevost was told that he would be a Noah-figure by spreading the word about extraterrestrials, and that “those who will have helped them get the message out […]